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Characteristics, advantages and some suggestions for its maintenance

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American walnut flooring – origin of this wood type

Daniela Walnut (or Moutenye) comes from African tropical forests. Botanic name is Guibourtia ehie and it belongs to Fabaceae family (leguminous). Even if the tree was first found in Ivory Coast, it grows also in humid forests of Ghana, Gabon, Nigeria and Cameroun.

Characteristics of the Daniela walnut wood

It is a kind of walnut; there are many differences between sapwood and heartwood – the first is almost white in young specimen, while in seasoned wood it turns to grey-brown.
The heartwood is similar to the one in walnut with slight yellow-brown or olive-brown variations depending on the origin of the timber and so on the characteristics of the terrain where it grows.

The texture is beautiful with typically dark veins.
This wood type’s hardness is high, as well as its resistance to pressure and traction, even if stability is not particularly high. The floorboards’ colour can go from pinkish brown to a dark brown. Fibres are intertwined or way, texture is homogeneous.

Advantages of Daniela walnut

Daniela Walnut can give an original touch to the environment where it is placed.
Having it at home means to have a good natural insulator, protecting from heat and cold. It is a comfortable material, it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot.
Moreover, it is long-lasting – if treated correctly, it maintains its look for several years.

American Walnut floorings – uses of the wood

With its intertwined and wavy fibres and its fine and homogeneous grain, this wood type is commonly used in parquet industry, instead of walnut, as well as in furniture industry and in the manufacture of musical instruments. Daniela walnut is hard and resistant to fungi and insects.

This kind of flooring is resistant to wear but sensitive to humidity. In kitchens, for example, it should be protected by a waterproofing treatment. For this reason, it is generally reserved to living rooms, bedrooms or studios – better indoor than outdoor, since it could be affected by wrong environmental conditions.

Maintenance suggestions

Daniela Walnut does not need more care or attention than any other wood types.
For a correct maintenance, it is better not to exceed with the use of water, since it can provoke swelling and expansion in the floorboards. So, water should be dried away as quickly as possible. At the same time, an excess of weight could damage the floor too – it is recommended to fix felt pads under chairs and furniture.

The parquet can be cleaned with warm water and neutral soap, taking care of using a soft and well-wrung mop. It is advisable to pass a cloth on the dry floor, always following the direction of the veins so as to polish them evenly.

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