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ITLAS Benefit Corporation produces two- and three-layer wood flooring and wood coverings. The production site is in Cordignano, in the province of Treviso. The company is committed to protecting the environment both through the application and maintenance over time of an Environmental Management System, which complies with the requirements contained in the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, and by making this environmental policy available to the public by publishing the document on its website

Although ITLAS SB is not required to draw up a non-financial statement, it recognises the need for dialogue and transparent communication with all its stakeholders. For this reason, since 2019 the company has been reporting in the Sustainability Report all activities according to the GRI Standards 2018 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN Agenda 2030.

We take care of the environment

ITLAS Benefit Corporation has based its business on environmental awareness, starting with the search for a strictly controlled raw material: the wood used comes from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly. In 2007 the company obtained PEFC certification (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification), and in 2010 FSC®-COC certification (Forest Stewardship Council® - Chain of Custody). In 2009, all ITLAS SB floors obtained the '100% Made in Italy Certificate' from the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers, guaranteeing that they are wooden floors made entirely in Italy, constructed from natural, top-quality materials, manufactured using the company's exclusive designs and adopting traditional Italian craftsmanship.

We take care of people

Attention to the environment, but also continuous attention to human health: in recent years a water-based painting cycle has been adopted to reduce the presence of synthetic solvents that are hazardous to the environment. The complementary products used, such as vinyl glues, guarantee the health of consumers and production operators. The floors are treated with natural waxes and oils, or with water-based varnishes. The product undergoes strict controls regarding formaldehyde emissions, both on the raw materials and the finished product. The very low levels of formaldehyde are guaranteed both by the Class A+ certification of the French VOC Label, and by the use of CARB-certified panels for the production of all floors and wood coverings.

Projects for the environment

Since 2009, the company has entered into a public-private agreement with Veneto Agricoltura - the body in charge of managing the forests in the Veneto region - for the procurement of beech logs from the Cansiglio Forest, located 25 kilometres from the ITLAS production site, which gave rise to the 'Assi del Cansiglio' project, creating Italy's first certified pre-finished wood floor. The proximity of the Cansiglio Forest, which is PEFC certified, contributes - as demonstrated by the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) study conducted in 2012 with the Consorzio Venezia Ricerche - to a drastic reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions during the transport of the raw material.

On 29 October 2018, storm Vaia severely affected the trees in the Cansiglio Forest. ITLAS, immediately after an initial reconnaissance and damage assessment, purchased all the fallen beech trees, paying them at a price above their market value. This initiative aimed at economically supporting the rebirth of the forest and one of the oldest beech forests in Italy, characterised by exceptional naturalistic value and incredible biodiversity.
With a view to the virtuous use of wood, in 2020 the company launched the ECOS project, a collection of products that, by recovering small offcuts, gives life to new boards and limits the production of wasteful processing of the raw mate
ITLAS Benefit Corporation pursues:
continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the company's activities and products;
environmental safeguarding and pollution prevention through the use of the best available technology that is economically sustainable;
compliance with regulatory obligations (legislative and stakeholder-required) and other commitments subscribed to by the company regarding its environmental aspects;
Our commitment materializes through:
collaboration and awareness-raising of suppliers to meet customer demands;
collaboration with Public Authorities and transparency and availability with the neighborhood;
collaboration with Public Authorities and transparency and availability with the neighborhood;
implementation of annual improvement plans with the definition of environmental objectives and related targets, along with the activation of continuous monitoring systems to track the progress of improvement actions;
periodic reviews of the Environmental Management System to verify compliance with the Environmental Policy and management procedures, and the achievement of predefined environmental objectives.
ITLAS Benefit Company is particularly committed to improving environmental performance related to:
the environmental product characteristics with the attainment of environmental certifications;
the production of thermal and electrical energy from renewable sources, eliminating the use of fossil fuels;
the reduction of volatile organic compound consumption;
These objectives are pursued through continuous research, investment and technological innovation in the process, testing and introduction of products with a lower environmental impact.
Cordignano (Treviso), March 23, 2024
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