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Innovation, respect for the environment and concern for the community have always been at the heart of ITLAS. The value and benefits of this philosophy are accounted for in the annual report and have contributed to the company's recognition as a Benefit Corporation.

ITLAS develops synergies with institutions and communities to generate a positive impact in its home territory.
Our people are an integral and fundamental part of every choice, policy and project in order to look to the future with confidence and a shared vision.
Strictly controlled raw materials, responsible production that respects the environment and people's health. This is the environmental policy of ITLAS.
Benefit Corporation
Our path to sustainability stems from our love and passion for the raw material: wood, which is an integral part of our lifestyle, means nature and respect for the environment. This vision has always inspired our work and today, as a Benefit Society, we recognise sustainability as the cornerstone around which to realise every project aimed at creating shared value.
Inspired by values, we create a sustainable future
Values are at the core of our being and doing business. ITLAS has chosen to commit itself to higher standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency, generating shared value as well as profit. In doing so, it reports on its impact on society and the environment in creating sustainable value for the long term and for all stakeholders, to whom it communicates annually its achievements and future commitments.

Being the point of contact between man and nature by becoming the reference company for the production of wooden floors and furniture accessories.
To show the world a new business model generated by human complicity with Nature, proposing green solutions with unique, innovative design arising from a philosophy that cares about sustainability.
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