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ITLAS: Wood for your home

A binomial and a philosophy. The point of contact between man and nature. Wood is the material where it all began, the house is the place that inspires our every action.

Wood flooring

In our engineered wood floorings tradition combines with innovation. The deep knowledge of the raw material meets a truly Italian art, made of research of new solutions and technologies. All our wood floorings are 100% Made in Italy certified.

Assi del Cansiglio
The 3-layers engineered floor in large size, made with the beech wood coming from the ancient Cansiglio Forest.
Tavole del Piave
The precious 3-layers plank, inspired by traditional floors and made with all the skills of traditional craftsmen.
Legni del Doge
The 2-layers plank with Fir backing that guarantees utmost stability and proven flexibility.
Doghe Venezia Giulia
The 2-layers engineered floor that conveys elegance and easiness to every space.
Our work is inspired by a passion for our raw materials. Wood is an integral part of our lifestyle. Wood means nature and environmental friendliness. Itlas constantly merges and mixes with Nature: sustainability lays at the core of all our projects and it is the foundation of all our activities.

Starting from the experience in the production of engineered floors, ITLAS launched the wooden claddings 100% Made in Italy - versatile solutions that add style and warmth to our homes.

Boiserie Le Righe
A wood cladding with a tridimensonal texture and peculiar grooves that bestows on walls and spaces a touch of exclusive elegance.
Total look 5.5
The innovative 2-layers wood cladding, which in only 5.5 mm thickness answers the need of restoration and transformation of spaces and furniture.
Soundproof Top Comfort
Elegance and acoustic comfort in one product: soundproof wood panels, available in several wood types and finishes to match perfectly with the floors, ideal for cladding walls and ceilings.
Progetto Bagno
Progetto Bagno is part of ITLAS' idea of home, based on the raw material that is at the core of its activity - the wood. Several wood types and precious, natural finishes displayed in every space, which become protagonists also in the design of the bathroom furnishings.
Arredo Casa

In the wood we found an opportunity to enrich our spaces and our lifestyle. The outcome is the project Arredo Casa, where this raw material is the element that trasnforms our life.

Metropolitan Frames
The living collection that takes inspiration from the relationship between design and the distinctive shapes of three internationally renowned districts.
I Massivi
Born out of love for wood and of its being alive, this is a project with whom ITLAS enlarged its productive horizon, going everywhere the raw material could be brought.
Project & Works
New projects, restorations, reinterpretations. In these years ITLAS has put its sign on private residences, public buildings, shops, hotels, restaurants, gyms, wineries, art galleries, in Italy and all around the world.
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Alphabet of essences
Discover the history and main characteristics of the wood types used to make our parquets, appreciate their beauty and their peculiarities, so as to choose the one that better suits your needs.
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