Chain of Custody

Wood, a renewable resource

Wood is an extraordinary material. A resource that grows abundantly and is capable of naturally renewing itself. A versatile raw material that, at the end of its first life cycle, can be reused and recycled. In the production of wooden floors, moreover, the residues are reused for the production of heat and energy. Everything is recovered, because wood is a precious resource.

ITLAS intends to pursue the development of its activities according to a management model capable of guaranteeing the application and respect of the chain of custody requirements according to the standards defined by the PEFC and FSC® certifications. The organization has always paid the utmost attention to its raw materials and to the use of timber whose origin can be ascertained in order to avoid controversial sources through their control. This commitment has led to the adoption of identification and traceability standards according to the two main existing schemes called PEFC and FSC®.

Compliance with these schemes makes it possible to guarantee our customers the origin of the wood whose origin is certified in full respect of the environment and its renewable resources. The choice of adopting one scheme rather than the other is given exclusively by the availability of raw materials on the market, which can be certified at origin according to one scheme or the other. Certification represents a strategic tool to increase consensus and visibility around a company's products and processes, while contributing to a rational use of our planet's non-renewable sources.

The contribution of employees and collaborators to the achievement and maintenance of this objective is crucial therefore, the Management requires the maximum involvement of everyone.
L’organizzazione intende pertanto:
to pay the utmost attention to the use of timber from renewable sources in full compliance with applicable regulations;
training and instructing all levels of personnel to achieve the highest standards of performance quality and engage all human resources within the facilities, pursuing constant improvement of professionalism and accountability.
ensuring that external collaborators involved in the Organization's activities adopt management criteria in line with the principles of this Policy.
ITLAS dichiara di NON contribuire direttamente o indirettamente:
against the illegal logging and trade of forests and timber products;
against the violation of human rights and traditions correlated with forestry activities;
against the destruction of forests to be preserved;
against the conversion of forests into plantations or non-forest land use;
against the introduction of genetically modified organisms;
against the violation of ILO conventions, as defined in the 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
Legni del Doge is a 2-ply pre-finished plank consisting of an exposed layer of noble wood and a bottom layer of birch plywood.
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