Kaizen Method

Our project, a way of life

Initially introduced by Toyota and increasingly applied worldwide, the Kaizen method is based on the principle that dictates the foundation of this philosophy: 'energy comes from below', i.e. on the understanding that the result in an enterprise is not achieved by management but by direct work on the product. Management therefore takes on a new function, not so much related to hierarchical management as to the support of those directly involved in production.

Kaizen is a Japanese method for continuous improvement which involves the entire corporate structure. The term is in fact composed of the words kai (change) and zen (better).
ITLAS has been using the Kaizen method since February 2009: the first workshop involved the application of the principles in the sawmill department for the production of lamellas. Since then, for four days a year, employees from all departments exchange ideas and make suggestions that benefit production processes.
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