Benefit Corporation

Virtuous development

ITLAS, in line with its ongoing strategy of pursuing virtuous economic development based on environmental and social sustainability, took a further step forward in January 2023 by becoming a Benefit Company. This means that, in addition to the profit motive, the company voluntarily pursues one or more common benefit objectives in the course of its business activities. These objectives include having a positive impact on people, the community, the local area, the environment, cultural and social assets and activities, organizations, associations and other stakeholders. This is done in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way, balancing the management of the company's interests with those of the community.

ITLAS has therefore chosen to modify its obligations as a traditional company, committing itself to higher standards of purpose, responsibility and transparency. Generating shared value as well as profit (purpose), committing to considering the company's impact on society and the environment to create sustainable long-term value for all its stakeholders (responsibility). And communicating every year the results achieved, the progress made and the future commitments. With the legal guarantee of the long-term maintenance - even in the event of changes in leadership and/or generational changes - of the pre-established mission.
Projects for the environment

ITLAS has built its corporate development and image on a lifestyle, a merging and blending with nature to seek that wellbeing that is increasingly also the common thread of architecture and design. This is why the company has chosen to draw up the Sustainability Report, a tool for communicating the annual results of ITLAS' journey towards sustainability to its stakeholders. The document - which is voluntary, as the company is not listed on the stock exchange - is prepared using the GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards) issued in 2018 as a technical-methodological reference, integrated with the Sustainable Development Goals developed with the 2030 Agenda.

Impact report

ITLAS, as a Benefit Company, prepares this Impact Report in compliance with Art. 1 paragraph 382 of Law 208/2015. The document illustrates the efforts made in pursuing the purposes of common benefit, defined in the company's Articles of Association, and the impact generated on the various areas of interest.

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