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ITLAS is one of the most important Italian companies in the production and marketing of pre-finished wood flooring. It is based in Cordignano, in the province of Treviso, where it was founded in 1988 and where its production facilities are located. An area of 65 thousand covered and 120 thousand uncovered square metres in which about 200 employees and collaborators work. Since 2013, the company has also produced furniture and bathroom fittings.

One vision, one Group
ITLAS is a subsidiary of the Labor Legno Group, which in 2022 recorded a total turnover of around 19 million euros. The domestic and foreign companies belonging to the Group, which has its registered office in Cordignano (TV), are:
Labor Legno
Labor Legno Srl is a company headquartered in Cordignano (TV) that produces pre-finished, solid wood flooring and outdoor floor and wall coverings. It supplies ITLAS with planks pre-processed in its own sawmill.
I Grandi Classici
I Grandi Classici Srl is a company based in Cordignano (TV) that produces wooden floors with a classic taste, exclusively by hand and in an artisanal manner, mainly to exclusive customer designs. The product is marketed only through ITLAS and Labor Legno.
Labor SRB
Labor SRB Doo is a company based in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia established in 2015 to procure oak logs from certified forests with which to supply the Group's Italian companies. The sawmill for the initial processing of logs was joined in 2018 by a production plant for the direct production of the finished product, destined mainly for the Balkan market.
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