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22 March, World Water Day

Today all over the world is World Water Day, established in 1992 by the General Assembly of the United Nation and celebrated for the first time in 1993.

This year “Nature for Water” is the central theme of the day - attention will be focused on the natural solutions to conserve and restore the cycle of water resources, for the benefit of a growing part of world population that does not have access to healthy sources of water.

But why we celebrate World Water Day?

The main aim is that of awakening public opinion on the essential value of what is the primary good par excellence of every human being: water. But at the same time, we need to promote a sustainable management of water resources. This because during the last century the need for water all over the world has increased of over six times and estimation says it will increase of 1% each year.

Water resources are declining while the demand for water is growing, although world population is decreasing. And despite the fact that 30% of this same population does not have steady and safe access to drinking water at home.

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