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The importance of correct maintenance of wooden floorings

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  • The importance of correct maintenance of wooden floorings

The finish is an important protection for wooden floors. Continuous stamping, together with scarce or unproper periodic treatment, can have a negative effect on wood, which eventually could end looking opaque and impoverished.

In order to keep one’s own flooring in good conditions, here are a few suggestions

  • Remove dust periodically 

  • For cleaning, use a solution of water and neutral cleanser (suitable for wooden floors) and a well wrung mop

  • Treat the floor from time to time with protective products based on water dispersion resins, self-polishing or re-polishable, according to producers’ recommendations 

Protective treatment’s timing will depend on how much intensely the floor is being used.

Itlas’ wooden floorings are finished with water-based varnishes and so they are perfectly suitable with intense use, especially where structural interventions on the surface are present.

In order to keep Itlas’ wooden flooring in good conditions, the company suggests a complete line of cleaning products: water-repellent wax Casa Nuova, the multipurpose sanitizing cleanser Casa Pulita, the water-based restoring  wax Casa Ravviva and the nourishing cleanser Casa Nutre.