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Circular economy enters the Ministry for Environment

It is the new way of thinking economy. A new way of conceiving products and processing techniques that can be virtuous and with little impact, fair and with a high social and territorial value. This is called circular economy and in the latest days it rightly entered the Ministry for Environment with a totally dedicated general direction.

This new concept was included in the new regulation of the Ministry, approved with a decree of the President of the Council.

The goals are many: the promotion of policies for ecological transition and circular economy, the integrated management of the waste cycle, the plastic-free and zero-waste programmes, the implementation of the Environmental Minimum Criteria (CAM), of radioactive waste and GMOs.

According to the definition by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, circular economy is “a generic expression defining an economy that is thought to regenerate itself. In a circular economy, materials move along two directions – biologic materials, which can be reintegrated into the biosphere, and technical materials, meant to be revalued without going back to the biosphere.

Thus, this economic system is designed to reuse materials in different processing cycles, reducing waste to the least. While the linear economic model take-make-dispose is based on the availability of large resources and energy and it is becoming less and less suitable with the reality we live in.