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Calidad del producto

Certificaciones, marcados y patentes

Marcado CE

All ITLAS products (ADC Assi del Cansiglio, TDP Tavole del Piave, LDD Legni del Doge) meet the requirements of European standards regarding CE labelling for wood flooring.


All plywood used for Itlas floorings comply to requirements of CARB standards for formaldehide emissions.

Marchi registrati

Itlas floorings are made by skilled designers using artisanal tecniques and modern technologies. All projects are protected against counterfeiting by trademarks registration.

Formaldeilde classe E1

Attests that all products fully comply with the terms of class E1, the most restrictive of the classes defined by current European standards (UNI EN 14342).

Struttura brevettata

TDP Tavole del Piave and ADC Assi del Cansiglio wooden multi-layer boards for floors, counter ceilings and cladding are patented as an industrial invention with patent No. 0001399111 issued by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.

JIS A 1460-2001 F 4 Stars

Laboratory tests on some Itlas flooring, carried out using the JIS A 1460:2001 method, show formaldehyde emissions to Japanese standards (stricter values than those adopted in Europe).

Finitura a base d'acqua

Itlas uses a water-based painting cycle to reduce the presence of environmentally hazardous synthetic solvents.

Reazione al fuoco

Approval certified as class Cfl-s1, the class that certifies the highest fire resistance for products, to EN14342 requirements regarding CE labelling.


Wide spectrum sanitizing protective finish capable of defending the surface from microbes and pathogens and protecting health.