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Follow the instructions to keep your wood flooring in pristine condition


Store the product in its original packing, in a dry place. Remove the packing immediately before laying, which must take place with doors and windows fitted and plastering dry.


Humidity on the underlay must be no more than 2% in weight for normal or rapid drying cement screed, 1.7 % for heated screeds, and 0.5 % for anhydrite screeds. Always control humidity with a carbide hygrometer immediately before laying the floor.


Notwithstanding careful quality control, some individual boards may show characteristics unworthy of the product appearance class, which may have gone unnoticed during selection or were considered negligible. The layer must bear in mind that this may be possible with a purely natural product like wood flooring and calculate 5% waste for cutting and trimming. To achieve excellent aesthetics, it is important to place the boards on the ground and select and mix them before final laying. Laying must be carried out by qualified experts.


Ambient humidity must be 45% to 60% at a temperature of 15° to 25°C.


Different environmental conditions from those indicated on the product info sheet may cause more or less evident cracks, rippling and micro-splits that cannot be considered faults as they are normal settling features. In exceptional cases, the adhesive may also detach.


Because wood is a natural material, it has different colours and grains that make all the elements different from each other. Therefore, samples or photographs are indicative and not binding. Furthermore, when delivered the flooring may be clearly different from the sample, as once it is exposed to light and air wood tends to darken and colours become uniform. For these reasons, we recommend not covering your new floor for a time.


Wood flooring can be dented or scratched due to knocks or falling objects, due to the concentration of loads on small surfaces, e.g. high heels, ladders, nails or stones lodged into shoe soles, etc. Surface varnishing is protective, but does not impede the problems mentioned above.


Certain wood elements may have brighter stripes, typical of the particular wood species.


Our wood flooring varnished with water-based products does not emit substances harmful for human health. These products are perfectly compatible with daily use, especially on floors with worked structural surfaces, but do not, for any reason whatsoever, use adhesive tape on the flooring because when removed it could detach part of the wood surface treatment.


As this is a natural effect, partially open pore finish it may be slightly absorbent. Spilt liquids or fine dust must be removed immediately to avoid stains and watermarks.


Structural operations such as brushing, planing, sawing, etc. may cause the wood to splinter or peel.


After laying, we recommend cleaning the floor with a special product, such as Pulipar.


Carry out routine cleaning with a damp cloth and a suitable mild, non-foaming detergent such as Casa Pulita. This product is specially designed for use on varnished wood floors.


For routine maintenance, use Casa Più, which cleans, feeds and protects wood flooring. For extraordinary maintenance, use Casa Ravviva, which revives the original shine of your floor and protects it.

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