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Mindful use of wood

From timber to flooring, but increasingly aware of using a valuable raw material to be processed with passion and great care. The attention and love that Itlas has always had for wood triggered the idea to create floorboards that reduce processing waste to a minimum. Traditional geometrical wood flooring actually produces up to seventy percent waste, especially when the type of wood is a broadleaf such as oak.

This is the birth of TREEFORM, floorboards that follow the natural shape of the tree and therefore allow the entire trunk to be used.

With long experience of processing wood featuring knots and other natural “imperfections”, Itlas artisans are now able to manufacture a product that reduces waste from seventy to thirty percent, putting our company to the fore as ever more friendly to raw materials and the environment.

Following an important financial investment, Itlas has acquired new technologies and cutting edge instruments which the company’s director, Patrizio Dei Tos, considers will loom large in the future processing and use of wood.

Treeform Thickness 15 mm
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