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Selection Criteria for Appearance Classes

Our flooring is sub-divided into selections, according to characteristics. All the selections have the same manufacturing quality, in spite of their different appearance and use of different wood species. The denominations refer to the aesthetics and emotional impact of the elements. The European standard for wood flooring with multi-layer, tongue and groove floorboards is UNI EN 13489.

A selection featuring mixed grain with flamed, striped and flat grain that gives the flooring an extremely natural, refined colour scheme in shades that vary according to the type of wood in question. In this selection the wood used for the top layer exalts the woody tissue as it is in nature.


A selection featuring more or less evident mixed grain, according to the type of wood used for the top layer. The personality of this selection comprises possible colour contrasts and knots and cracks that may be filled or not, giving a unique overall effect.


A particularly original selection for those who love wood in its natural state. The overall effect is striking due to the woody tissues of the heartwood and sapwood, typical of the species in question and clearly seen on the top layer. The attraction of areas with ‘Mare’ selection floorboards is the varying direction of the flamed and striped grain, which contrasts with the colouring of the sapwood and heartwood. Another distinguishing feature is the inclusion of knots and cracks that may be filled or not, possible insect holes, bark inclusions and marked colour contrasts, together with other characteristics that enhance this material.


A selection featuring top layers from sub-radial and tangential sections that give an interesting, pleasant overall effect. Colours and other characteristics depend on the type of wood involved.


A selection in which a combination of elements from tangential, sub-radial and radial sections provide flooring featuring a particular range of shades and nuances that vary according to the type of wood involved. This selection may have small knots that may be filled or not, colour variations and small cracks.


Knots, grain and shade variations are an integral part of these projects, whose individual commercial names are Cadore, Dolomiti, Mare, Sole and Venere. They are projects addressed to discerning consumers who appreciate the naturalness of wood. Please note that the manufacturer may make improvements to the finishes and this may cause samples in showrooms and existing catalogues to differ, due to the fact that it takes time to produce/distribute new samples. We thank you for your understanding.