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Legni del Doge

Legni del Doge is a prefinished two-layers planking. The exposed layer is made out of noble wood, available in different essences and finishes. With Legni del Doge Itlas has created a practical and easy to install floor, really stable and resistant.

A two-layers prefinished wooden floor that mantains its quality, elegance and naturalness throughout time. Composed by a noble essence of hardwood and a multi-layer beech support with calibrated male-female joints on each four sides.

Available in different sizes, Legni del Doge is a firm floor, ecological, precise, tecnological, resistant and guaranteed. It’s a suitable and recommended product to be layed on irradiant heating floors.


1st Layer
Solid wood.

2nd Layer
Birch plywood core.

Pre-finished 3-layer wood flooring Pre-finished 3-layer wood flooring


10/12 mm (± 0,5)

Available in:

width 110/140 mm
length 800/1900 mm

online indu.
width 140/190 mm
length 1000/2400 mm

2 strati
width 150/190 mm
length 1000/2500 mm

width 110/140 mm
length 800/1900 mm

width 60/70 mm
length 300/900 mm

width 80/100 mm
length 300/1200 mm

tecno smart
width 75/110 mm
length 300/600 mm


  Water-based finishes
  Birch backing
  Vinyl adhesive
  Classe A+
  Formaldehyde free