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Progetto I Grandi Classici


Typical of noble, classic furnishing, compositions are now widely found in contemporary styled spaces. I Grandi Classici guarantee a personalised space thanks to the particular optical effects they produce. Compositions can also be used to correct some geometric irregularities in the living space, thanks to the wide range of geometric laying options offered, both classic and artistic.

This product is a result of the art and knowledge of who, over time, has made his work a proper lifestyle.


Towards the end of the Middle Ages, there was a predilection, in wood floors, for combining different wood types of different colours. This gave birth to real chromatic art pieces, able to create schemes with very original designs and great warmth. From the middle of the XVII century the technique of marquetry was developed, using rare and precious woods. To respond to the return of the taste for aesthetic beauty, refined and exclusive products, I Grandi Classici offer both quadrotte (tiles) with a composition of different wood species with colour contrasts of great effect, and quadrotte with marquetry decoration, even based on an original design provided by the client, granting it a touch of inimitable style.

In order to satisfy the needs of every client, many of these compositions are available in all the finishes of the lines Tavole del Piave and Legni del Doge.


It has very old origins – it dates back from the old Rome when it became popular not only to use wood for the floors of the most luxurious houses and palaces, but also to lay the wood creating particular designs. Today, those houses and precious pavements are being reevaluated in the most modern designs.

These compositions are present in all the finishes of the lines Tavole del Piave and Legni del Doge. Solutions with a classic style and high technical features: a unique architectural route to making your style exclusive.