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It is a compulsory document prepared by the supplier and handed over with every delivery to fulfil the terms of Italian Legislative Decree No. 206 of 6 September 2005. It ensures that the customer is informed of the origin of products and provides information regarding:
- storing and laying the product
- the CE label
- authenticity of Itlas ‘100% Made in Italy’ certification
- instructions to assist in choosing wood flooring, its characteristics and how to clean and maintain it.

Solid wood flooring is made of boards entirely in the same wood, with or without tongue and groove, according to dimensions. Pre-finished floorboards are the evolution of wood flooring: in this case Itlas greatly improves dimensional stability by providing a two or three layer board in which the top layer of solid wood is stabilised by a layer of birch plywood for Legni del Doge. For extra large boards, such as Tavole del Piave and Assi del Cansiglio, a third layer of solid fir wood is added. The system is a patented industrial invention.

This is a finish which can also be coloured with pigments, according to the product. It preserves the natural look and feel of wood. It also places products in Class A1 (the highest) in French Label certification with regard to reducing pollution in the home.

Itlas has a system of certification and attestations to guarantee technical and environmental characteristics, and reduced home pollution. Only products made entirely in Italy can be so complete. Itlas products are recognisable because the bottom part is always finished with birch plywood for Legni del Doge and birch plywood, plus a layer of solid fir wood for Tavole del Piave and Assi del Cansiglio. The layers are glued together with Class D3 vinyl adhesive.

Formaldehyde is harmful to human health and is often used to accelerate production processes where gluing is involved, consequently reducing costs. Over time, even concentrations within the minimum allowed by CE standards may be harmful. For this reason Itlas does not use adhesives or varnishes containing formaldehyde. Our Class A French Label certification guarantees this.

The term certification is generally used, but application for a certificate includes the results of certain tests carried out on samples sent to specialised laboratories. These are the pre-requisites for achieving certification, where the accredited body certifies the product (or the company, according to the type of certification), after checking, verifying and setting up a periodic monitoring plan for the product and the manufacturer’s facilities.

As confirmed by studies in the building trade, wood is the best material for floors and cladding due to its natural origins, insulating properties, high stability and natural processing, as well as low deformation with changing temperatures. The use of wood makes homes cosier and more comfortable.

The dimensional stability of wood flooring is measured in the laboratory by means of a test to UNI EN 1910 standards and indicates how and how much the wood changes with different degrees of humidity and ambient temperature. Due to the type of materials used – birch plywood backing and vinyl adhesives – Itlas flooring guarantees better results than traditional wood flooring.

The characteristics of the materials used in Itlas wood flooring and the process used to manufacture it ensure that it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens with the same dimensional stability and easy cleaning.

If underfloor heating is to be used, it is essential to lay wood flooring with guaranteed gluing, flexibility and stability. Legni del Doge, Assi del Cansiglio and Tavole del Piave are designed and manufactured with the best materials to guarantee high performance in any situation. Just because of its insulating properties and thermal inertia, wood is a comfortable material at ambient temperature, unlike tiles or stone.

Our wood flooring is finished with water-based treatments and in some cases the surface is worked. The result is natural good looks that convey quality. What also counts is wood flooring that will stand up to daily wear, which further exalts its beauty, as can often be seen in ancient buildings.

Proper maintenance and cleaning help to keep wood flooring in good condition and avoid the problems of surfaces worn or dulled by constant use. 
Itlas advises its customers first and foremost to dust the floor regularly and then clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth and mild detergent. Itlas can provide its customers with a full range of special cleaning products for wood flooring. Wood flooring should never be washed with just water, which does not clean effectively and in particular leaves unsightly mineral deposits on the surface.