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Assi Del Cansiglio®


Promo deadline: September 30th 2022
The Cansiglio Forest, ancient wood of the Republic of San Marco, owns one of the most beautiful and prestigious Italian native beech forest. Located at just 25 km from ITLAS’ productive facilities, it is PEFC certified and so it is managed in a sustainable way, respecting the growth rhythm and natural renewal of the plants.

Excellence that embraces research, design, manual skills and a profound knowledge of raw materials, as well as a guarantee that every stage of production takes place entirely in Italy, performed by skilled artisans who for decades have preserved the secrets of a trade that over the years has become an art.

  • Non-deforming
  • Resistant
  • Mechanically precise
  • Healthy

Assi del Cansiglio is a large prefinished 3 layers plank for floorings, countertops and claddings, handcrafted with ecological, water-based varnishes and glues.

The top layer is in precious Italian beech from the Cansiglio Forest, PEFC certified. It is a totally Italian project, from raw material to production

Technological birch core

Birch plywood is an outstanding construction material. Thanks to its providing incomparable mechanical strength and extraordinarily tight gluing, even in critical situations, it is still used in hi-tech applications.

Cross cuts

Improve the longitudinal flexibility of the backing so that it adapts perfectly to the subfloor and increases dimensional stability.

High precision joints

Profiled with diamond tools to guarantee flatness and perfect good looks.

Maximum glue tightness

The layers comprising Assi del Cansiglio are glued together by means of cold pressing, ensuring resistance, reliability and elasticity, as well as making them particularly suitable for underfloor heating systems.

The story of Assi del Cansiglio begins in the forest, with the evaluation and the selection of the raw material. This is a great advantage for the final consumer, who thus has the guarantee of a quality wood and a certain origin, sustainable and local.
100% Made in Italy

The Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers attests that ITLAS products are certified and meet the requirements of the IT01 System – 100% Original Italian Quality.

PEFC certification

Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification. Attests that the raw material used comes from forests managed in compliance with PEFC requirements.

Km 0

The Cansiglio Forest is located at just 25 km from ITLAS’ productive facilities

Solidarity Net PEFC

ITLAS takes part in the project Solidarity Supply Chain launched by PEFC Italia to cope with the environmental and economic emergency caused by Vaia storm.

Special promo

Assi del Cansiglio®

Assi del Cansiglio® is sustainable, healthy wood flooring of certified quality, which brings a lifestyle in harmony with Nature to all the family.
Water-based finish cycle

Assi del Cansiglio boasts a water-based finish that reduces the use of synthetic solvents harmful for the environment and human health.

Antibacterial protective finish

Broad spectrum antibacterial protective finish defends health by keeping the surface free of microbes and pathogens.

Vinyl glue

The complementary products used protect the health of consumers and production workers.

Class E1 formaldehyde

All our products fully meet the limits imposed by class E1, the most restrictive of the classes established by current European standards (UNI EN 14342).

French Label A+

ITLAS wood flooring is in CLASS A+, as per Decree No. 2011-321 of 23 March 2011 issued by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing.

Assi del Cansiglio®

Thickness: 16mm
Width: (100/230)mm
Length: (600/3000)mm

Misure in sorte.

  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Practical
  • Attractive
  • Sustainable

First layer
Solid oak wood

Second layer
Plywood core

Thirs layer
Solid fir wood backing, orthogonal to first layer

All four sides bevelled


Finitura Del Bosco

Appearance class:



A process carried out with special tools that gives texture to the surface and shows off the wood grain.

Finitura del Bosco:

Natural effect finish, water-based protective film and antibacterial shield.

Assi del Cansiglio®

C97 Murano brushed

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