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I Massivi Collection

In contemporary times we have become accustomed to all sorts of processes that alter materials through contrived procedures that re-invent our daily lives and lead us to forget the value of authentic things, how precious nature is and the beauty of natural materials. This habit of altering things has now gone beyond what’s necessary, forcing us to doggedly seek the simplicity and honesty we desire to the extent that even the food we eat must be distinguished from ‘normal’ by calling it ‘organic’. Itlas, for years committed to using and developing natural resources, has not only introduced the concept of eco-compatible ‘cultivation’ and use of our forestry heritage, but has also asked Archea Associati to extend the boundaries of its research into the use of natural materials, imagining an ‘organic collection’ of designer complementary decor items.

It will include chairs, benches, bedside tables, stools and tables, strictly in solid oak wood, desirable and practical due to their naturalness, which is an intrinsic, formal characteristic of the products. The ‘I Massivi’ collection intentionally comprises products for home use so strictly practical that they do not require elaborate, unnatural transformed materials, which through industrial metamorphosis normally lose the characteristics of raw materials in terms of strength, mass, feel, colour and smell. Vice versa, Itlas’s customary woodworking skills make it stand out from other furniture manufacturers in its careful selection of timber that gives just the right dimensions for the production of unique, exceptional objects that are individually numbered like works of art. This is a collection for which the designers share the intellectual property rights with Mother Nature: a co-author that, naturally, has no rivals in terms of creative capacity and versatility.

Arch. Marco Casamonti
Massimiliano e Doriana Fuksas
Arch. Claudio Silvestrin