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Itlas is a company with its legal and productive headquarters located in Cordignano, in the province of Treviso. Founded on 14 December 1988 by Patrizio Dei Tos, it’s the leader in Italy in the production of prefinished wood floors. It is a subsidiary of Labor Legno.

Labor Legno

The history of Labor Legno begins thirty years ago. It is 1980 when Lino Dei Tos, having acquired ten thousand square metres of land in Cordignano, in the province of Treviso, establishes a new company. He names it “Labor Legno snc Dei Tos Lino & C.” and his associates are his wife Carla Fantin and son Patrizio. The first few years of business are characterised by the production of raw sawdust, but in order to achieve relevant growth margins they soon figure out that it is necessary to look beyond this type of production: here’s the qualitative leap, with the transformation of Labor Legno from raw sawdust producer to wood floor manufacturer.
It was a step by step beginning but Labor Legno soon became a reality and not just a dream to aim for, thanks to the vision and entrepreneurial skills of Patrizio Dei Tos, who today is the sole administrator. Labor Legno extends across five thousand square metres of indoor space, and twenty thousand of open one, all used for the production of wood flooring: from tree trunks processing down to wood maturation, applying finishes and storing.
The trunks are imported directly by the company, which has always operated locally in the research and selection of its products: this is all to guarantee a product with a known and certified origin, which adds on to the experience acquired in many years of work in the sector. These are the strengths which distinguish Labor Legno and make it a leading firm, able to offer to its clients, in addition to the quality and beauty of their finished products, a guarantee of responsibility and assistance towards what is put on the market.

I Grandi Classici® Srl

I Grandi Classici® Srl is an innovative firm in the wood flooring sector.
Technology, design, respect for the environment, manual and artisan processes, passion for working with wood together to create real art pieces, able to surprise and move.
Whoever chooses a wood floor from I Grandi Classici® also has the guarantee to have gained an active position in safeguarding the environment.
I Grandi Classici® offers a wide range of wood types, which allows to create, within the desired colour scheme, original designs and personalised creations based on the client's project. This flexibility and versatility confer to I Grandi Classici® a totally original taste, even thanks to the inlay work on its decorations.
A wood floor is alive, breathe, give out all the warmth of the material. A wood floor by I grandi Classici® is a floor able to amaze: it have to be looked at, admired, touched, felt and experienced with all your senses. It tells distant stories and holds something for every one of us.