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Wood and nature

Wood, an inexhaustible resource

Wood is an extraordinary material. A resource that grows in abundance and is able to naturally renew itself naturally. Wood is light, resistant, exudes warmth and is particularly welcoming(has a particularly welcoming feel to it). Wood is flexible, guarantees high performance, is excellent for sound-proofing and above all lasts in time: this is why it has always been one of the most important construction materials.
But the use of wood also represents a very simple way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the main cause of climate change. Wood has in fact carbon-absorbing properties taking place in forests (Carbon Sink) and, in wood-based products such as floors, has carbon-retaining abilities (Carbon Stock).

Elegant in its naturalness, wood is the raw material used to produce Itlas floors – more than thirty years of history and experience which became passion and love for its own products and for the wood of which they are made.

Wood and CO2 reduction

Wood plays a major role in the battle to stop climate change. If forests contribute in reducing the quantity of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, the use of wood-based products helps to save CO².
Products made of wood, in fact, store the carbon that is initially incorporated in trees: even if they don’t absorb CO² from the atmosphere, they still play an important role in incrementing the effectiveness of forest areas, extending the period in which carbon dioxide is kept outside the atmosphere. Increasing the use of wood is a simple way of reducing the pace of climate change.

Wood Recyclability

Wood is a renewable and versatile raw material which, at the end of the first cycle, can be reused, recycled or used as a source of energy containing neutral carbon. It is also important to remember that the manufacturing of wood products, such as floors, generates very little waste: the residues, chips and sawdust – obtained during wood processing – are used in the production site for the production to generate heat and energy. Itlas recovers and uses waste material from processing to power its own process.

Raw material provenance

All the raw material used by Itlas for the production of wood floors comes from forests that are managed in accordance with a sustainable economy and are PEFC or FSC certified. The choice is then made directly by the company, which actively participates in the most important timber auctions. Most of the floors put on the market by Itlas are in oak wood, which comes from French certified forests. Since 2009 the company has also been using Italian beech wood coming from the Cansiglio Forest, PEFC certified.