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Social Commitment

Sensitivity not only towards the environment and our own territory. For several years, Itlas has chosen to join the social commitment of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, founded in 2003 with the aim to support scientific research through the issue of fellowships for doctors and researchers and to support very high-profile projects. Among promoters there are scientists whose work has been recognised at a global level, including six Nobel Prize winners who form the Honours Committee.

Social commitment, a lifestyle

At the same time, the Foundation is also active in the science divulgation so that scientific results and discoveries become everyone’s heritage, through important conferences with international spokespeople, projects related to schools projects, awareness campaigns and publications. An ambitious project which, in order to reach its objective, acts in synergy with the schools, with realities – both public and private – belonging to the research field and with the information sphere. Forward-thinking ability and concreteness, passion and constant commitment: these are the keywords which have always represented the nature and vocation of our activities. These concepts form the identity of the Foundation itself, thanks to which it can contribute in the ‘production’ of a higher good – the health and wellbeing of others.