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Our project, a way of life

To merge and blur with nature in order to get in touch with your inner self and feel complete. - this is the new common need, the necessity that every man has and wants to have to be able to re-establish their own interior balance. A sense of desired and sought wellbeing that is not a temporary trend or a modern scientific discipline, but on the contrary is becoming more and more the thread of architecture and design on a universal level - and above all, a way of life.

Itlas Spa was born from a very clear choice, for itself and the final consumer: an eco-friendly project with all guarantees. People who choose Itlas floors are sure to carve themselves an active position in the safeguard of the environment.

Deception is of course there, just around the corner: it's easy to say environmentally correct, but mankind's real need now goes beyond appearance and doesn’t settle to build and furnish their own house simply in a perfect eco-friendly "style". The new generation of consumer-client demands guarantees, asks for certified quality of the product they purchase, they request an architecture and language which really have the ability to integrate with the surrounding environment where they live and most of all with the surrounding ecosystem. Wood is an integral part of this lifestyle. Speaking of wood is to speak of nature and respect for the environment, because it is a raw material that regrows continuously and its use increases a renewable source with its own well-defined biological cycle.