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In Vittorio Veneto, as part of a group of associates, Lino Dei Tos establishes ‘Italparchetti’, a wood flooring company in which he directly engages his son Patrizio as a sales representative, strongly believing in his entrepreneurial skills and encouraging him to start his professional career first as a representative in the new company and, later, with a protagonist role, at ‘Labor Legno’.

Patrizio Dei Tos purchases a ten thousand square metre of land in Cordignano, in the Treviso province, and establishes the company “Labor Legno snc Dei Tos Patrizio & C.”


Thanks to Patrizio Dei Tos’s experience as a floors’s sales representative, ‘Labor Legno’ goes from being a company that procudes rough sawn lumber to one that produces wood floors.


Still in his twenties, Patrizio Dei Tos manages in just seven years to give ‘Labor Legno’ a remarkable boost, turning it into a stock company. Right from the beginning, the company look especially at France to import wood, which is then sawn in Cordignano in the nearby company belonging to the Zarpellon brothers, and then carved with multi-rip saw machines until obtaining the rough product to be sold to kitchen doors manufacturers - an activity which is very popular in the surrounding areas, especially on the other side of the Friuli border, in the province of Pordenone.


During this period, exotic wood is the most popular choice among customers. Patrizio Dei Tos starts to travel a lot set out in search of a good quality product. Nigeria, the former Zaire, the Ivory Coast, Congo and Cameroon are the African countries in which ‘Labor Legno’ is present, to import very high quality wood. The company becomes so a reference point for this type of market.


The logs’s exporting closure forces the Zarpellon Brothers’s saw mill to be put up for sale, so the company is bought by Patrizio Dei Tos in partnership with his father Lino. ‘Itlas’, acronym of Italparchetti Labor Legno Segati, is born. To deal with the export closure, the saw machineries are moved to Cameroon.


‘Itlas’ focuses its production on pre-finished floors, which in the early Nineties were a very innovative product on the market. There aren’t yet any any established production techniques for this type of floors, but the company develops an appropriate production process thanks to the experience acquired since its foundation.


The beginning of the new millennium coincide with Patrizio Dei Tos undertaking the liquidation of his partners at Itlas and the market launch of three and two multi-layer prefinished products such as the “Tavole del Piave” “Legni del Doge” and “Assi del Cansiglio” projects. From this moment on, Itlas’s story is that of a continuous growth following a path characterised by very clear and well-defined ideas: the industrial and commercial project are developed with a coherence which does not leave space for compromise, and which identifies itself in the commitment of a constant and vital investment in the natural environment’s safeguard and protection, its safeguard and its protection.


New projects are born, opening up new horizons. Itlas develops and puts on the market Cinque Millimetri, a project which can be defined a revolutionary product for its conception and philosophy, then the Massivi, a collection of furniture and accessories in solid oak wood created in 2013 by architect Marco Casamonti and Studio Archea from Florence, joined in 2014 by prestigious designers Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas.

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