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Patrizio Dei Tos, in partnership with his father Lino, purchased the Zarpellon sawmill at Cordignano. A company was founded named Itlas, an acronym for Italparchetti Labor Legno Segati. The business concentrated its activities on producing pre-finished wood flooring, which was an innovative product in the eighties and nineties.

The New Millennium

In the new Millennium the company launched two projects on the market that were immediately successful and continue to be so: Legni del Doge and Tavole del Piave, two and three layer pre-finished wood flooring. The two projects were the starting point for constant growth in both industrial and commercial terms, in keeping with indispensable investments to protect the environment.

Environmental Sustainability

The company began to communicate its environmental policy to the general public. In 2007 Itlas achieved its first product certification: PEFC™, Programme of Endorsement for Forest Certification. It was the first step on a path that would lead the business to stricter objectives regarding environmental sustainability and quality.

Made Locally in Italy

All the wood flooring produced by Itlas achieved 100% Made in Italy certification. The same year a project of quality floorboards in Italian timber harvested locally was launched and named Assi del Cansiglio. Through an agreement with a public entity, our company revalues beech wood from the ancient forest that provided the Venetian Republic with oars for its ships.

Our ‘green’ Vocation

Sul versante ambientale Itlas pone la massima attenzione alla provenienza del legno ed ottiene anche la certificazione FSC®, Forest Stewardship Council®. A conferma della propria vocazione “green”, l’azienda inizia l’installazione di un impianto fotovoltaico di ben 4.172 pannelli sul tetto del nuovo fabbricato destinato all’ampliamento della produzione.

New Market Aims

New projects were created and Itlas opened up to new horizons on the market. The company devised 5 Millimetri, a revolutionary product in terms of concept and philosophy: wood cladding, as thin as a second skin, meets the demands of a market increasingly involved in renovation, one of the consequences of the economic downturn.

Valuable Partnerships

Close cooperation with architect Marco Casamonti and Studio Archea resulted in the I Massivi Collection. This comprises solid wood furniture and complementary décor items that paved the way for Itlas to explore a new market segment. In the same year the company adopted an Environmental Management System, to UNI EN ISO 14001 certification standards.

New Synergies

Our business ploughed ahead on the furniture market with increasing confidence. As well as Casamonti and Studio Archea, other internationally renowned architects were involved: Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Claudio Silvestri, Adolfo Natalini, Pietro Carlo Pellegrini and Mario Botta.

Wood throughout the House

Progetto Bagno was devised as part of a scheme in which house design involved the raw material on which the company is based: wood. A ‘total look’ for complete home decor, which is a philosophy and a lifestyle as well as a natural way of living.

Investing in the Future

At Sacile in the province of Pordenone we are setting up a new production hub for the Labor Legno Group, an investment in the future for Itlas in terms of space and new investments. The ‘Wood Street Theatre’ conceived by Casamonti and Studio Archea will become not just an ambitious project, but also the path to follow in the next ten years.

Supporting the territory

At the end of 2018 the ten years of the Assi del Cansiglio project were marked by the Vaia tempest; an inferno of wind, water and mud that caused serious damage to the ancient Venetian Oar Forest. Itlas set up a campaign to support the territory by purchasing the fallen beech trees at a price above their market value, and promoting sales of flooring that contributes to the forest’s rebirth.

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