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Top Comfort

Acoustic performance for your home

Soundproofing wooden systems, milled and drilled. Acoustic asset is a main point in projecting any environment and depends mainly on the layout, on the kind of materials used and on their position with respect to the source of sound, to its propagation and to the whole level of background noise.

In order to allow the lowering and containment of the time of propagation within optimal values - the main parameter that must be checked to guarantee a perfect acoustics - ITLAS and PATT present Top Comfort, a soundproofing system made of milled and drilled wood, which guarantees the effect of an acoustically dry, well defined environment, a prerequisite for a perfect comunication as well as high comfort.


Fissaggio cremagliere a muro mediante tassello fisher + viti


Posizionamento lana di vetro tra cemagliere


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Top Comfort and reliability of our certifications

Tavole del Piave are 100% Made in Italy and they are FSC® or PEFC™ certified, according to the wood species that is used for the top layer. Finishes are made with water-based varnishes and are in A+ class of French Label.

Installation on walls and ceilings

Top Comfort can be used both on walls and ceilings. It is available in all wood types and finishes of Tavole del Piave and Assi del Cansiglio collection, size large, so as to match with the flooring.

Soundproof system

Obtained through the application of ecological water-based varnishes (solvent-free) and the application of natural coloured patinas and/or pigments to obtain the colour effects that characterise the products.