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Wooden cladding 5.5

5.5 is innovative, quickly fitted wooden cladding that can be applied to any existing surface. As thin as a second skin, it is a product created by Itlas for use in the restructuring and conversion of buildings and interior decor. The elements have tongue and groove edges to facilitate fitting. Made of solid oak wood and birch plywood with different water-based finishes, this product is ideal above all in building conversions designed to achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency through radiant heating systems.


Thin and elastic

Rivestimento 5.5 Rivestimento 5.5


5 mm (± 0,5)

Available in:

Width 100/190 mm
Length 500/1500 mm


The extreme thinness of the cladding permits to complete the renovation of the building quickly and easily, avoiding all the troubles that the operations of removing or polishing the old floor bring with them, with the result of saving time and money. 5 Millimetri can be used on all kind of residential surfaces, floors, walls or ceilings, giving the opportunity to opt for a total look effect.

Declaration of performance:


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