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Certification, labels and patents

100% Made In Italy

For the manufacturing of its « 100% Made in Italy » certified wooden floor Itlas utilise only birch plywood and vinyl glue.
Itlas floors are designed by experienced designers, following traditional artisan tecniques combined with modern tecnologies. All the projects are copyrighted. On top of that all three-layers floors comes with a total insurance coverage, which is being activated through the guarantee certificate of the product. At the moment of the purchase the authorised reseller issues the customer a certificate, named “Authenticity Certificate”, that guarantees the authenticity of Itlas floors.

CE labeling

European Union, following EU directive 89/106/CEE regarding saefty in architecture manufacturing, has delegated the CEN (Ente di Normazione Europeo), to process norms regarding products used in construction. In Italy the DPR 246/93 have received this directive and have become the national Regulations Enforcement, requiring that every product that is being published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale Europea and is being commercialized within the EU boundary has compulsorily the CE branding withing a determined period of time.
The products lacking this branding after the determined time limit must be immediately removed from the market and can’t be incorporated nor installed in any building. The CE signature in not a product certification. It’ s not equivalent to a product’s quality certificate issued from a certification institution, but it’s a trademark that guarantees is conform to European legislation therefore it can be commercialized withing the EU boundaries. The responsibility for the veracity of the data provided with the CE certification and the commercialization of the product on the market are always and only of the producer.

Three layers Assito patent

The large multi layers planking for floors, dropped ceilings and claddings of Tavole del Piave and Assi del Cansiglio is patented as industrial invention with certification N° 0001399111 released by the Italian Patents Office and “Marchi del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico.