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Itlas joins the Solidarity Net launched by PEFC™ Italia

Itlas joins the Solidarity Net launched by PEFC Italia to withstand environmental and economic emergency caused by storm Vaia

Storm Vaia, which on October 29 hit the North Eastern Alpine forests, caused vast damages to woodlands in Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Lombardy. MIPAAFT estimated 8.6 million cubic meters of fallen trees – so many trees have been knocked down by the winds as are normally cut in 5-7 years. Most of this timber comes from PEFC certified forests.

Forest owners have to face up to a serious emergency and economic hardships - from felled trees come normal working assortments, but the processing cost is higher due to the danger of injuries represented by the unsafe trunks and to the inner tension in the wood that was swept away by the hurricane. The lower yield of the whole operation (losses due to breakage and damage of the plants, trees not selected and smaller than in ordinary cuts) contributes to increase the costs even more

The forecast of a large quantity of wood available in the next 2/3 years generates tension on prices. Furthermore, owners find themselves in need of rebuilding damaged facilities, organizing extraordinary workload, thinking at replanting the forest and at coping with the next period, when ordinary use will be significantly reduced due to damages to the woodland.

In this situation, PEFC Italia decided to launch the project Solidarity Net, asking certified companies to buy wood coming from felled trees at a fair price, instead of importing it (Italy imports the ¾ of wood used for processing). This particular timber will be traced through the supply chain down to the final consumer and will be marked by a specific logo, which will be monitored by the chain of custody certification boards. PEFC commits to bear at least half the cost of this logo.

Itlas, which soon after the disaster bought from Veneto Agricoltura all beech trees crashed in the Forest of Cansiglio, has recently joined the project of Solidarity Net.

Both the company and the Ancient Woodland for Oars of the Republic of Venice are PEFC certified.


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