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Parquet in bathrooms? Pros and cons

From an aesthetic point of view, there are no doubts. Furnishing the bathroom with parquet bestows quality and beauty to the whole house, especially when wooden flooring is employed also in the rest of the building. However, consumers have still many doubts, as they perceive parquet as something delicate and particularly sensitive to a series of factors connected to this specific room. In order to provide them with some answers we asked Itlas’ sales manager, Alessandro Di Bernardo.

Is parquet in bathrooms a possible choice?

“Not only it is – it is also strongly recommended”.

Why? What are the advantages?

“I recommend to install parquet in bathrooms, first of all because it is a kind of flooring that remains beautiful over time. That is to say that, compared to other materials that age over time, looking old and outdated, a wooden flooring becomes even more beautiful. Even its small flaws, which confer to it a slightly lived-in look, are points in favour of a natural raw material”.

Can moisture that is typical of bathrooms be a problem?

“The idea that most people have is that water and moisture should be factors against the choice of installing parquet in bathrooms. But we are talking of condensation humidity, so somewhat irrelevant – just some small tricks are enough to avoid any difficulty. Some actual problems, but only from an aesthetic point of view, are dirt and impurities on angles and bevels, above all when the wood is of a light colour. As for Itlas parquet, the vinyl glue and the structure itself, with its Birch plywood, grant the utmost stability of the parquet, even in areas commonly considered critical as bathrooms”.