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Itlas - 2021 Sustainability Report

Recently the third edition of ITLAS Sustainability Report for 2021 was published. In the letter to the stakeholders, founder and president Patrizio Dei Tos reminds how the company began to believe in the importance of the supply chain, circular economy and respect for environment “long before these themes were put at the core not only of doing business but of the whole world political agenda”. For this reason, the Sustainability Report is for ITLAS – not only as a Governance, but also as the community of people working with and for the company from Treviso – a basic tool for transparency, besides being an opportunity to trace, share and grow the values that stand at the foundations of this way of doing business.

All those interested in 2021 Sustainability Report (as well as in the previous ones) can unload it from ITLAS’ official website. This year the document will not be printed on paper – in fact, one of the company’s ESG goals for 2025 is the reduction of the consumption of raw materials and of paper in marketing and communication activities.

What does ITLAS Sustainability Report say this year? It portraits each activity of the company, measuring it in terms of sustainability; it poses new goals for improvement – with a careful look at what happens in the outside world. Starting from the pandemics, to the geopolitical tensions caused by Russian invasion of Ukraine and the following negative consequences on a macroeconomic level. “Despite the undeniable difficulties and the uncertaintiessays Dei Tosthe company believes that the only possible way is the one it already took. Having always new goals and new challenges, bringing new projects to life according to our entrepreneurial vision, able to translate the need to preserve natural resources, first of all wood, forests and their habitat, into an excellent productive standard. For this reason, we go on following the sustainability philosophy, aware of the fact that this today and the near future need determination and a fair amount of bravery.”

The report made by the company is based on the Sustainability Report Standards issued by Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) in 2016. The themes have been identified through the materiality analysis, which allows to detect the importance of economic, social and environmental sustainability themes for ITLAS and for its stakeholders. For 2021 Report the company decided to involve directly the stakeholders on a meeting, collecting all their ideas regarding the relationship between ITLAS and the sustainability themes. The results of this focus brought to the creating of the materiality matrix (page 27 of the reporting documents).

To all those who will choose to read us, enjoy the reading.