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The importance of correct maintenance of wooden floorings

The finish is an important protection for wooden floors. Continuous stamping, together with scarce or unproper periodic treatment, can have a negative effect on wood, which eventually could end…

The forest of Cansiglio nominated for World Heritage site

Italy has ten Ancient Beech forests that are recognized by UNESCO as  World Heritage Sites thanks to their outstanding natural value and incredible biodiversity.

They extend from Emilia Romagna to…

2009-2019  | Ten years of Assi del Cansiglio

In 2009 Itlas showed for the first time “Assi del Cansiglio”, returning nobility to the Becch of the Cansiglio Forest, the ancient woodland from which the Republic of Venice made its oars, located…

100x100 Made in Italy

The Board for the Safeguard of Italian Producers recently renewed to Itlas the certification "100% Made in Italy", which is related to all the wooden floorings produced by the company based in…

Christmas with Red Canzian

An unforgettable evening for all those lucky enough to take part. There was a magic atmosphere in an exclusive environment, with talented performers and the indisputable fame of the star of the…

ITLAS for JEE-O: ambitious and timeless design

For some years now Itlas has been the exclusive distributor in Italy for JEE-O, a Dutch manufacturer of several ambitious lines of audacious, robust taps, showers, wash basins and bath tubs. The…

ITLAS store Padova: a shop that is an experience!

The idea is to think outside the box and overcome the classical concept of a shop, to create a point of sale that proposes versatility and becomes a place for culture, a piazza in which…