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In perfect harmony
Eco-compatible project
Itlas is French Label
Assi del Cansiglio
I piallati, Faggio Campiello
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Progetto Bagno
Collezione Linea
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5 millimetri
Cladding for your home
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Environmentally friendly wood floors, cladding and decor solutions.

For years we’ ve been committed to environmental and products certifications to guarantee to our clients, our operators and our stakeholders quality, health, environmental safeguard and respect for the rules.

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“In casa, vi faccio
camminare sul Cansiglio”.
Patrizio Dei Tos
  • 1988
  • 2000
    The New Millennium
  • 2007
    Environmental Sustainability
  • 2009
    Made Locally in Italy
  • 2010
    Our ‘green’ Vocation
  • 2011
    New Market Aims
  • 2013
    Valuable Partnerships
  • 2014
    New Synergies
  • 2015
    Wood throughout the House
  • 2018
    Investing in the Future
Our latest achievements
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