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Closing until April 13
Following the new nationwide lockdown measures to stop the spread of the COVD-19 virus infection contained in the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of April 1st 2020, we inform you that ITLAS Srl will remain closed until April 13th.
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Wood Flooring and Parquet

The path we set out on thirty years ago has always taken us unwaveringly towards the achievement of quality, observance of the rules, and protection of the environment and human health. All our wood flooring and complementary décor items are designed and built to assure our customers and stakeholders, particularly by protecting the health and working conditions of our employees. To do so, we have chosen to achieve and maintain environmental and product certification, which is not just recognition of our daily work by accredited trade organisations, but also a management system with which to plan our operations and the aims to pursue.

Guida all'acquisto del tuo pavimento
Collezione I Massivi
Pavimenti in legno - Assi del Cansiglio
Progetto bagno
Pavimenti in legno - Legni del Doge
Rivestimenti Top Comfort by Patt
Pavimenti I Grandi Classici
Pavimenti in legno - Tavole del Piave
Rivestimenti 5.5
“The Cansiglio Forest
in your own home”.
Patrizio Dei Tos
  • 1988
  • 2000
    The New Millennium
  • 2007
    Environmental Sustainability
  • 2009
    Made Locally in Italy
  • 2010
    Our ‘green’ Vocation
  • 2011
    New Market Aims
  • 2013
    Valuable Partnerships
  • 2014
    New Synergies
  • 2015
    Wood throughout the House
  • 2018
    Investing in the Future

Wood flooring, bathroom fittings and complementary decor items

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