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Call for proposals : DGR N. 90 of 27/01/2020 - 4.2.1 "Incentives aimed at reducing energy consumption and climate-altering gas emissions of companies and production areas


ACTION 4.2.1 - Incentives aimed at reducing energy consumption and climate-changing gas emissions of enterprises and production areas, including the installation of energy production plants from renewable sources for self-consumption, giving priority to high-efficiency technologies

ID PROJECT: 10323506 - CUP PROJECT: B37B21000050009

Brief description: The project envisages various interventions, including the replacement of the lamps of the painting line production process machinery and the relative electronic management system that controls the luminous flux in current and/or power through a microprocessor logic algorithm, the replacement of the existing linear fluorescent tin lighting fixtures with new similar lighting fixtures but with LED light source technology, and the installation of a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity for self-consumption with a total power of 314.62 kWp complete with Lan and Modbus interface.
With a view to the energy efficiency that the company wishes to pursue and in relation to the need to implement new production methods, a number of actions are necessary in order to achieve energy savings, optimise the rational use of energy and reduce climate-altering emissions, all actions that will also make the company more competitive on the market, reducing the costs of energy used.

Intervention realised with financing from the Veneto Development and Cohesion Plan - Special Section.
Expenditure incurred: €392,550.00
Contribution: 117,765.00
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