World environment day

Fifty years have passed since UN established the World Environment Day during the Stockholm Conference, the first world conference upon the environment. Since then – it was 1972 – each year on June 5 the whole world fixes a theme; this year the Day, which actually took place in Sweden, focussed on the need of living in a sustainable way in harmony with nature. Because planet Earth is our sole home and there is nothing more important for mankind than taking care of its resources.

#OnlyOneEarth, then. As UNEP (United Nation Environment Program) underlines, there are billions of galaxies in the Universe, in our own there are billions of planets, but only one is planet Earth.

In 1972 the Stockholm Conference highlighted 26 principles on the safeguard and development of the environment (please read here) – after 50 years, they are still a useful guide to be followed.

In Italy, as all over the world, the World Environment Day will be followed by a vast number of related events. On an institutional level, we would like to mention the initiatives by ISPRA, one of the most important scientific institutions working on environmental themes – it organized an online event that will be broadcasted Sunday, June 5 from the lake at EUR, Rome.

It will be a “Relay race for the environment” where experts in any environmental theme will explain which is the actual situation in our Country and which interventions should be carried on as individuals and as community. Find programme here.

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