Wood flooring, a sustainable choice

Wood flooring officially enters plans to combat climate change. The European Commission in recent days has outlined "carbon farming" activities: and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, it has included among the best practices precisely the installation of parquet flooring within living spaces. Suggesting its use.

The reason for Brussels' choice is clear. Trees as they grow store CO2 emissions. After felling-which, in line with the environmental policy adopted by ITLAS, must always be a planned cut according to the rules of sustainable forest management, with the aim of "taking care" of the forest and leaving room for younger plants, which either grow wild or are replanted-and in the processes of processing and transformation, the captured carbon remains inside the wood. Therefore outside the atmosphere, in a kind of natural safe that opens only at the moment when the wood is burned, releasing the carbon.

Choosing a wood floor thus lends a hand to the life of the Planet. In addition to storing CO2, a wood floor is highly energy efficient, both because a large amount of energy is not used to produce it and because it is insulating, as it slows the conductivity of heat. By absorbing the heating temperature of the room in which it is laid, wood flooring helps reduce energy consumption and costs.

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