The virtuous road of circular economy, where resources are not wasted

What are we doing, as far as policies for Goal 9 of 2030 Agenda are concerned? Considering that the majority of Italians have not the slightest idea of what is the 2030 Agenda, one could feel somehow helpless. In fact, according to a survey done on March 2016 by Fondazione Unipolis, only 4,4% of interviewees thought to be well informed regarding the aims of sustainable development and the document born out of the Paris Agreement on climate changes of 2015. The 18,4% thought to be quite informed, the 43,8% not much informed and the 31,8% totally unaware of. The hope is that from now on public opinion should become more informed, thanks to the push coming from the young people of the Fridays for Future and to the fact that pandemic is bringing to our country, through the Recovery Fund, a great amount of economic resources, the 37% of which should be spent in green investments.

Businesses, innovations, infrastructures – Goal 9 asks for a change in national policies, starting with innovation and digitization of social and economic production processes.

If we observe the policies of a company such as ITLAS, we can see how innovation in production processes goes hand in hand with safeguard of the environment and reduction of the waste of resources – with the aim of contributing to develop a responsible production, respectful of the planet.

Pursuing unlimited growth, promoting a waste economy and using intensively natural resources is something that Itlas has always considered without a future, something that will only bring to the dissipation of what nature bestowed on us. Today the crucial and most urgent challenge is to implement a system that could be economically viable and at the same time ecologically sustainable and socially fair, abandoning as soon as possible the path of linear economy for the virtuous one of the circular one.

A new way of doing business, where everything is designed and produced to be regenerated, with waste reduced to the bone.

One of the excellences is the combustion system powered by virgin wood residues coming from the processing of the logs and timber. A generator that goes alongside the implement of energy efficiency and the construction, already in 2011, of a photovoltaic system of 4,172 panels, for which the expansion project is already at an advanced stage - and the investment of over 220 thousand euros in technologies for the safety of machinery.

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