Values at the core of our way of doing business. Itlas changes into Benefit Society

Itlas srl has chosen to change its legal form so as to become Benefit Society. After taking the route to sustainability several yeas ago, now the company from Cordignano, in the province of Treviso (which was founded in 1988) puts values at the core of its existence and of its way of doing business. With its total sales volume around 17 million euro, Itlas is among the most important Italian companies in the production and marketing of engineered wooden floorings. Since 2013 the company has been producing also furniture and bathroom furnishing. “This is a choice towards responsibility, which we have been feeling as our own all along these years. The time has come, to formalize it” – these have been the words of Patrizio Dei Tos, Itlas’ founder and President.

Being a Benefit Society means voluntarily pursuing, while doing business, both profit and one or more goals tending to the common benefit. That is to say, having positive effects on people, communities, territory, environment, cultural and social heritages and activities, boards, associations and other stakeholders. All in a responsible, sustainable and open way, creating a balance between the company’s interests and those of the community.

In this way, Itlas chooses to change its duties as a traditional company and to commit towards higher standards of aims, responsibility, transparency. Generating a shared value besides profit (goal), committing to consider the impact of the company on society and on the environment in order to create in the long run a sustainable value for all its stakeholders (responsibility) and communicating every year the results, the advancements and the future pledges. With the legal guarantee of maintaining in time the set mission, even in case of change of leadership and of generational handovers.

Matteo Dei Tos - 32, ITLAS’ CEO, who followed the whole process of transformation from the front line - has been put in charge of the company’s impact. “In our statute – Matteo Dei Tos says – the concept has been added, that Itlas’ economic activity goes through productive processes and products that are careful to reduce the environmental impacts, especially those related to climate changes, use of natural resources and biodiversity. Moreover – adds the CEO and supervisor for the company’s impact – the statute contains the commitment both for the promotion of research, development and transparent information on the social and environmental impact of the supply chain of wood coming from certified forests, and for the promotion of actions meant to protect nature and to improve the life of the community”. A special article is devoted to workers and collaborators – the company promotes positive and healthy working environment, where rights are safeguarded and talents, potential and skills are valued and where real welfare and work-life balance politics are carried out.

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