Sustainability. It is time to act.

The fourth edition of Sustainable Development Festival begins on September 22nd, with several events all online.

Among the many festivals that have always enriched Italian autumn, no doubt that one of the most important is The Sustainable Development Festival. Not only because it is focussed on themes related to the present and the future of the planet and of the new generations, but above all because the contribution to the debate comes from many sides, all over Italy and the net. Actually, it is the greatest national effort to raise awareness in citizens, companies, associations and institutions regarding economic, social and environmental sustainability - thus trying to get to a cultural and political change that will let Italy fulfil UNO’s Agenda 2030 and the 17 Targets of sustainable development.

Organized by the Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASVIS), 2020 edition will open on September 22nd and will go on until October 8th. Conferences, workshops, exhibitions, shows, sport events, presentations of books, documentaries – notwithstanding the health emergency, the Sustainable Development Festival does not loose confidence and it is ready to present a fourth edition, revised and implemented thanks to new considerations brought forth by the impact of the crisis on our everyday life and on our way of thinking the future.

Many are the events already scheduled on Events with several different formats, so as to let everyone take part in what is closest to his/her own needs and interests. Experts, policy makers, companies, teachers, students, children, citizens – the Festival is for everyone.

In this particular edition, thanks to a collaboration with Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, also Italian diplomatic offices and foreign cultural institutes will be involved. 

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