Sustainability in a company? It begins even in the supply chain

Among Itlas’ suppliers, the example of Chimiver, which transformed its plastic packaging and brought to zero the use of the virgin polymer

It has become a priority for all companies. 

Having a sustainable supply chain has become by now a top priority for more than 90% of the companies all over the world. This means that when a supplier or a supply is selected, aspects connected to sustainability have become one of the criteria. Above all, the environmental impact.

Itlas too – which from 2014 has adopted the Environmental management system according to UNI EN ISO 14001 – acts following this line. From the start, there is the choice of buying certified raw materials coming from sustainably managed forests, like the wood, or like the panels that are used as the support for the top layer in the construction of floorings, which are all CARB certified, or the vinyl glue used in production – all with the lowest formaldehyde emissions. A care for environment and human health that bring to meet with deep satisfaction the choice of one of the oldest partners, Chimiver, of replacing its own packaging so as to make them recyclable.

During these years Chimiver, an Italian company that since 1965 have been manufacturing its range of products for bonding, treating and maintaining wooden floors, has been using power coming for 50% from renewable sources. Its buildings are protected by an impressive vertical garden that allows to check in a natural way temperature and humidity levels, definitely saving energy. Thanks to patented cleaning system for its mixing tanks, the company can avoid the use of more than 15.000 litres of solvents each year. For year 2020 the green aim is that of installing a 240 panels photovoltaic system – moreover, Chimiver (certified for ISO 3001) is the only European company in its sector that supplies its products with recyclable packaging. In fact, within the whole range of plastic vases the use of virgin polymer has been brought to zero. Totally eco-friendly packaging, made from 50 to 100% of recycled polymer thanks to the use of materials coming from disposable, post-industrial and biodegradable waste.

Thanks to the cooperation with selected and near suppliers, today the company from Bergamo led by Oscar Panseri shows number which, in terms of environmental benefits and sustainability, are an important sign of responsibility towards the future. Just think that each 1000 kilos of glue (that’s to say, 100 vases) 36 kilos of plastic are recycled and 50 kilos of carbon dioxide are saved.  

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