Parquet in kitchens? Pros and cons

Parquet in the kitchen is more than a dream. Why should the more important room of the house, most probably the most lived-in, give up the chance of being furnished with one of the most beautiful material in nature?

We asked such a question to Alessandro Di Bernardo, sales manager of ITLAS.

“Using parquet in kitchens does not pose any problem. The only thing I should prefer to recommend is the protection of all areas near to sinks and cookers, so as to prevent the dropping of oily substances that, if not removed quickly, can damage the flooring. A common mat is enough.”


Should the parquet chosen for the kitchen have particular characteristics?

“The main characteristic is the quality of the product itself and, as a consequence, the materials used for its production, such as the kind of glue and plywood. Our floorings, for example, can be installed in any room, thanks to the vinyl glue and the Birch plywood that grant them the utmost stability. Moreover, the surface treatment with water-base varnishes gives the wood the best possible protection”.


The concern is that, since in kitchens liquids and foods are frequently used, there could be stains difficult to be removed.

“Prompt cleaning with specific products for parquet prevents any consequence – however, it is true that in the long run there is the risk that something could seep in and leave some stains. Personally, I do not consider this a problem – we work the wood in a very natural way out of our own choice, our floorings, with their knots and small imperfections, are alive and definitely far from non-natural materials, which in time, even if they have a so to say “clean” appearance, take on an outdated look. This is why the slightly worn look, given by the passage of time and use, adds beauty to a wooden floor.”


How to choose wood type and colour for a kitchen?

“There is not a wood type that is better than the others. The same is for the colour. It is a mere aesthetic issue - personal taste. All our floorings have an excellent resistance to stains.

If I have to provide a suggestion, I should avoid a white colour – which, by the way, is not so trendy today”.


And what about installation!

“If there no particular bindings, my suggestion is an installation with glue”.

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