The pandemic that changes future perspective of our home

From terraces to the need of making home into a workplace too.

On April 9, one month after the beginning of the social distancing measures for containing the coronavirus epidemic, a dossier entitled “Pandemic and green challenges of our time” has been submitted during the web conference organized by Green City Network and Foundation for Sustainable Development.

A study dedicated on one hand to how habits and life styles are changing, to circular economy, to decarbonization and sustainable mobility, with all the green practices that citizen can adopt in order to favour the change – on the other hand, to the future of our homes

If current pandemic is subverting our daily lifestyle and consolidated habits, it is also offering us a chance to think to the challenges that are awaiting us and to those “lessons” with whom coronavirus faced us. Like working from home – smart working

We, all of us, were and are not ready. And this is not only a point related to technologies – as far as they are concerned, we already had the time to adjust. The first real crisis of digital age, after the end of analogic, regards also the living spaces.  From now on they should be revised and designed to become a working place – maybe not a permanent one, but surely a potential one, even after the end of the pandemic. 

To architects and designers, but also to those companies that offers complete solutions for dwelling, the task to open new roads. It is time to work out new ideas. Homes that must keep up with new needs – in-between spaces, terraces, balconies and shared gardens. Homes designed to be not only places where we sleep, eat, spend weekends, but also places where we work, study, enjoy culture and hobbies.

It is necessary to take notes – how has the use of space in our homes changed in these days of emergency?

In order to understand how these changes will affect the interior design in the future.

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