Itlas main sponsor of “Architettura da scoprire” on 24th and 25th May in Treviso

The event is organized by the Order of Architects as part of the national workshop “Open! Welcome to our offices”

A journey through the symbolic sites of Treviso and of the landscape of its architecture. “Discovering Architecture” is the event organized by The Order of Architects, designers and landscapers of Treviso province on May 24th and 25th, during “Open! Welcome to our offices”, workshop arranged by the National Order of Architects.

A two-days of art, music, secret spaces, reading, readings and drawing for the little ones, of which Itlas chose to be the main sponsor.

The enterprise stems from the will of bringing citizens closer to the profession of architect, who carries on his professional experience taking inspiration from the world he lives in. A good way to rediscover the city and the architectural works that characterize it. Directed by Marco Pagano, the event is organized by architects Serena Guadagnini and Stefano Zara.

On Friday, May 24 in the cloister of the former Umberto I, Borgo Mazzini 29, starting from 6 p.m. the poet and writer Francesco Targhetta (winner of the Price Berto 2018 and on finals of Campiello) will perform in a reading, together with Freddy Murphy and Chiara Lee. Between a hangover from cheap alcoholics, an afternoon in the rehearsal studio and the writing of a thesis on the war on the Piave, the main character of Targhetta’s first novel “That’s way we look so good in pictures” fights with a university baron and with all compromises that, after the endless years of training, entering the world entails. The soundtrack by Freddy Murphy and Chiara Lee, already working with Targhetta at “Potential Lives”, opens on the lines of this novel a new dimension, between anger and urban disorientation, which goes deeply inside the sins and wounds of a whole generation. Entrance is free.

In addition to this, from Friday 24th to Saturday 25th May it will be possible to visit the exhibition “Pièra shows off”, a selection of the works reported in the biannual magazine of the Order Pièra, a project unique in its kind created with the aim of promoting and publishing themes connected with architecture and landscape in civil society, focusing on some leading traits of the profession of the architect and making its protagonists known.

Starting from 10 a.m. Luigi Caldato, Israa Chairman, together with Eugenio Manzato , art historian and former director of Treviso Civic Museums and the parson Don Gianni De Simon will be exceptional Cicerones for all those who will like to discover the wonder and history of the site of former Umberto I, starting from the cloister to the church of Santa Maria Maddalena. From 4.30 p.m. sketcher Eleonora Lorenzon will be available for all the children age 6 to 10, to illustrate “A day of Pièra” and to unveil all the secrets of comics. Thanks to the cooperation with BRaT – the children library of the Municipality of Treviso – starting from 4 p.m. the reader Eleonora Charans will tell the children stories, whose main characters are art, architecture, the city and all its many beauties.

On Saturday, May 25, starting from 4 p.m., Mario Gemin, architect and Chairman of FAI Treviso, will lead visitors on a journey to discover the city’s architecture. Free admission subject to availability.

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