ITLAS, farewell to plastic bottles

Draft water directly from municipal waterworks 

Plastic bottles, farewell. Since June Itlas, following its line of sustainability, decided to get rid of bottled water for internal use. Inside production departments and offices new dispensing systems Acquaviva have been installed, which takes the water from the waterworks of Piave Servizi (one of the better waters in Italy, according to the analysis periodically published on the website of the company from Treviso). 

Chillers that remove impurities keeping intact the quality of the water, contributing as well to the safeguard of environment, thanks to the removal of plastic and to drastic reduction of transport and, as a consequence, a strong reduction of carbon dioxide in the air. Employees and collaborators have been given customized aluminium thermal bottles.

Removal of plastic bottles anticipates and outpaces the terms fixed by European Parliament that, in its directive to get rid of disposable plastic, states that within 2025 plastic bottles must contain at least 25% of recycled material. Within 2030 this percentage should shift to 30%.

It must be mentioned that, starting from 2021, European directive forbids the use of items such as dishes, cutlery, drinking straws and balloon sticks and that since last year, member States should collect through recycling 90% of plastic bottles. 

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