Interior designer Matteo Bianchi live with ITLAS

During his enforced break from coronavirus, he has put five collections in the pipeline. Furniture, glasses, carpets, chairs, lights that he is now ready to present well ahead of schedule, Matteo Bianchi gave vent to the creativity that usually comes out of him in August or after Christmas. The interior and product designer, born in Venice but for years relocated to London, took advantage of the lockdown mainly to reflect. And then create.

Guest of the third Instagram live organised by Itlas - a weekly appointment on Wednesdays led by the company's patron Patrizio Dei Tos - Bianchi is the founder of the eponymous "Matteo Bianchi Studio", collaborates with prestigious international brands in the design sector and is a lecturer at the University of Chelsea College of Arts.

"People today invest a lot in the home. They focus on the kitchen, the master bathroom, but more and more on the service bathroom, which is the place in the home that opens up to guests," explains the interior designer, who has also been working with Itlas for some time. Hers is a privileged "vantage point" from which to observe the world: "London is a city that allows me to see things from above, that gives me the chance to see in advance what is coming," she explains. His is a particular kind of design. "When I present my work to the Italians they are a bit astonished, but our job is to be able to interpret what the customers like. I believe, - explains Matteo Bianchi, - that this forced pause will teach us to dare even more. A pause during which we have been given the opportunity to reflect, and those who have done so will take positive cues from it, bringing a lot of innovation and adaptability to the design, which will inevitably focus on the emotional side".

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