Information campaign on micro-and nanoplastics

What are the risks for humans, animals and environment due to exposure to plastic? The Association Doctors for the Environment – Isda Italia, with whom ITLAS Benefit Society has been cooperating for several years, launched an awareness campaign, organized with the Italian net of sentinel physicians, the Italian Federation of general medicine practitioners,  the Association of Endocrinologists, the Cultural Association of Paediatricians, the Federation of Italian Paediatricians, the Italian Society of Paediatrics, Choosing Wisely Italy and the Faculty of Sciences of nutrition at the University of Pollenzo.

Plastic – which had been used in Italy since 1954, when Giulio Natta invented moplen (still used for trays and bowls, containing even food) thus receiving Nobel Prize in 1963 – is present in our everyday life and it is a consistent part of the waste we produce and very often, unfortunately, leave in our environment.

Introducing their campaign, The Doctors for the Environment explain that, besides causing environment pollution on soil, land and sea, the smallest fragments of this material (scientifically known as microplastics and nanoplastics) penetrate the organism mainly through the food chain – water and drinks in plastic bottles, for example - but also through synthetic fabrics, toys, even cosmetics.

Composed of carbon and hydrogen monomers from petroleum and methane, microplastics can cause endocrine interference, with negative effects on both male and female fertility, effects on the neurodevelopment, the increase of certain kinds of cancer, type 2 diabetes as consequence of the obesogenic effect that brings to resistance to insulin, inflammation with the alteration of the intestinal microfibre and possible interference on the absorption of nutrients.

Moreover, the Doctors for the Environment warn of the risks occurring during childhood, besides those to which we are exposed while still in the maternal uterus.

The campaign will be activated in medical practices, schools, chemist shops, offices, gyms, factories and shops. Anyone can take part in the project and unload from the link https:// banners in several sizes and detailed information. The aim is promoting behaviours that can safeguard ourselves and the environment.

Moreover, in Veneto the association decided to promote a survey (approved by the Ethic Committee of Vicenza province) on male reproductive health for all adult males born since 1985, who are living or born in the area with high Pfas pollution.

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