This is how our floorings are born

This is how Itlas begins the construction of its products. The company has always totally managed the transformation of the raw material, placing on the market a finished product whose processing begins directly with the choice of the trunk. The various steps follow one another within the same production site, located entirely in Italy. Almost 200,000 square metres of covered and uncovered areas in which the raw material depot, the sawmill, the warehouse, production and shipping space are located.

Transforming process 

The skills of Itlas start from the forest, with the evaluation and the choice of the raw material. This is a great advantage for the final customer, who in this way has the guarantee of a top-quality wood. The transformation process is complete – cutting the trunk into boards, seasoning the wood, optimizing in semi-finished products, drying, making the slats, vinyl gluing of the slats on the supports, smoothing and moulding, grouting and restoring, surface structural work, finishing with water based varnishes, oil or natural wax.

Trunk processing

After being cut in the forest, from December to March, the trunk is brought to the sawmill where the first step of processing takes place, with the cutting into boards and the seasoning. Following the natural rhythm of the tree, a year has to pass before the wood is seasoned and dried.

Craftmanship and tradition

In order to produce a wooden floor, slats are obtained from seasoned and dried boards, which are glued with vinyl glue on Birch and Fir supports. Next steps are sanding, the molding of the boards, the grouting and the artisanal restoration of the surface. Then we move on to other structural operations, such as hand-planing, sawing of the surface, brushing.


In accordance with its pro-environment policy, the company uses water-based varnishes to finish its floors, thus contributing to reduce the amount of synthetic solvents that are dangerous for environment and human health.

Large inventory and fast delivery 

One of the strengths of Itlas is the ability to respond quickly to the requests and needs of the final customer, thanks to the presence of large warehouses for the storage of raw material and its constant availability.

Deliveries all over the world

The company handles directly shipments and deliveries of all its products. An inner logistic department, which talks to any single customer in any Country.

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