Health and safety in the workplace

Nowadays health and safety on working places are under the lights. On one hand, there is the urgency of investing in long terms environmental policies, which should start from the concept that the working “place” is also the area where a job is created and developed. On the other hand, there is the need to respect the rules.Which are the actions that a company such as Itlas undertakes, in order not only to comply to current norms and regulations, but also to prove actual concern for all issues related to health and safety, according to the guidelines of Goal 3 of 2030 Agenda?Answers are many, but all connected to the word “investing”. Under an economic point of view, during the latest years the company has been spending more than 220 thousand euro in adjustments for improving the safety of its machinery. An active commitment monitoring safety and health conditions on workplace, investing energy, resources and time in continuous training of employees (128 hours of training are organized each year, on the theme of health and safety in workplace) and systematically tracing any injury.Even the choice of adopting (and maintaining) the Integrated Management System, certified UNI EN ISO 14001, is an investment in the safeguard of environment, which requires real actions meant to take care of the health of both workers and final consumers. In fact, Itlas adopted a finishing system with water-based varnishes in order to reduce the presence of synthetic solvents and with the use of vinyl glue, which grants the lowest levels of formaldehyde, as granted by the Class A+ certification of French VOC Label. To all this, one must add the purchase of CARB (*) certified plywood for the production of all wooden floorings and claddings.
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