Green proposals from fashion industry

From the biodegradable tennis suit to the jacket made of plastic coming from the Pacific Trash Vortex

“Fashion industry is one of the most harmful for the environment. The time has come to create answers and to find alternatives to the problem of toxic waste”. This is what Stella McCartney said a few days ago.

The British stylist is among the main actors of the green revolution in the fashion world, which in 2020 spring/summer collections is launching several original, innovative and above all eco-friendly proposals.

Together with the German company Adidas, Ms McCartney presented two new prototypes of sustainable clothing. The first is a tennis suit, which is, at the end of its lifecycle, completely biodegradable – it is made of a protein-based material composed of water, sugar and yeast. The second is a hooded sweatshirt, 100% recyclable, made for 40% of organic cotton from the waste dump and the remaining 60% with a new technology that transforms old garments into new high-quality raw materials.

Roy Rogers too, the first Italian jeans brand, established in 1952, is taking part in this new trend in fashion industry. The company included in its next collection a 5-pocket model in the denim produced by Japanese Kurabo from old dismissed t-shirts.

For sure, the action taken by Italian fashion company Paul&Shark is really impressive. They created “Save the Sea”, a totally eco-friendly jacket designed to reuse the dismissed plastic. And not just plastic: the company chose to use the one coming from the Plastic Island, the Pacific Trash Vortex, renowned also as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - the largest floating garbage mound in the world.  

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