Giving and Receiving: Heritage is the theme of the new edition of TEDxTreviso

ITLAS Benefit Society has chosen to support the sixth edition of TEDxTreviso, a conference linked to the U.S. brand TED to which the company led by Patrizio Dei Tos has been linked as a Golden Partner since its debut in the capital of the Marca trevigiana. The event, scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday, October 22, will have as its stage from which to circulate ideas the Mario Del Monaco Municipal Theater, the cultural heart of the city.

What remains of our actions? How do we relate to what we have received, which is not always something positive? Are we aware of our limitations and what we need to do to leave a mark? These are the questions the organizers chose to ponder and question the audience in the room and the speakers. In summary, the common thread of this sixth edition is: legacy. "A transversal and central theme for the lives of each of us," event licensee Nicolo Rocco calls it.

The stage will feature personalities from very different fields, from the legal world to artificial intelligence, from economics to psychology, so that in the end we can have unexpected views and reflect on both tangible and intangible legacies.

There will be Roman theologian Paolo Benanti, a Third Order Regular Franciscan and professor of Algoretic (Ethics of Algorithms) at the Pontifical Gregorian University. Actress Margot Sikabonyi, famous for her role as Maria Martini in the TV series "A Doctor in the Family," a marine biology scholar, psychology graduate and yoga teacher. Earthquake physics researcher Luca Dal Zilio and Veneto singer-songwriter Erica Boschiero, who is also an environmental and civil rights activist. Also: psychologist Maria Zaccagnino, who works with EMDR on cases of traumatization and in particular with patients with eating disorders; guidance and career expert Fabiana Andreani, who in 2020 opened the @fabianamanager channels on TikTok and Instagram, where she discusses issues related to career choices, careers and work for under 35s; medical executive, conductor and sometime pianist Mirko Schipilliti, who among his many symphony orchestras has also directed the one from Heliopolis in São Paulo, formed by young people from Brazil's second largest favela; banking, commercial, bankruptcy and civil enforcement law expert Antonella Lillo. Last but certainly not least, Capt. Edoardo Anedda, a Guardia di Finanza officer who until September held the command of the newly established Lampedusa Naval Operations Section, which is responsible for coordinating all activities to combat irregular immigration by sea.

ITLAS's decision to support the event is driven by more than one reason. First, there is the desire to promote cultural events-in this case, an event organized on a nonprofit basis by a large group of young volunteers who work year-round-that are born and developed in the area where the company resides. Then there's the fresh, thought-provoking, thought-provoking format, suitable for an intergenerational audience. But the company is also attentive to the path that TEDxTreviso has taken in recent years from an environmental and social point of view, becoming an event capable of calculating its impact in terms ofCO2 emissions, supporting climate neutralization projects, being supported by partners attentive to these issues, but also promoting gender equality.

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